Lisa Coombs is an actor, standup comedian, and voiceover artist currently living in Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in Syracuse, New York, Lisa was declared a bona fide dork from day one. Her gusto and enthusiasm combined with her social ineptitude lead to some painfully awkward moments early in life, but once she became active in her school's drama club she attained enough confidence and vulnerability to discover her true gift: making people laugh!

Lisa hung around her hometown long enough to earn her BFA in Acting at Syracuse University; then immediately moved to Los Angeles and escaped the snow forever. Her continued performance training has included improv classes at the Groundlings School, standup classes with Bobbie Oliver and Judith Shelton, Scott Sedita's Comedy Master Class, and several workshops with The Voicecaster.  Lisa has appeared in numerous local theatre productions and performed with several improv/sketch comedy troops. After getting her feet wet in the local indie film scene, Lisa wrote, produced and starred in her own web series Finding Normal, which now has two seasons streaming on YouTube! She is also a producer, writer, and lead actor in the upcoming web series Designing Empires: A Star Wars Parody set to premier this summer!

Lisa specializes in playing the light-hearted dorky best friend. Her cheerful and unintimidating demeanor puts everyone at ease... at least until that one awkward thing is said.

When she's not acting, Lisa enjoys hiking, camping and cooking with her husband (who is a much better cook), playing music, and dancing freestyle around her livingroom. She also likes cats. And stuffed monkeys.

Lisa Coombs